Repin your own locks with the LockEx Repinning Kit! This kit includes a variety of pins and springs and can be used on practice locks for picking or other common household locks.

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Have you already mastered your LockEx¬†Practice Lock Set? Challenge yourself in two ways with our Repinning Kit: Learn how to repin and service pin tumbler locks, an invaluable skill to have!¬† Second, with the ability to repin locks, you’ll be able to challenge yourself with a whole new world of locks. By adding the security pins into your practice locks, you will learn how to bypass the two most common security pins, serrated and spooled pins. The best part is, once you’ve mastered your repinned locks, you can repin them again to create new challenges. This kit is also able to be used on a majority of household locks if you are looking to up the security on your front door, plus some extra spare parts! (Please make sure to review the Golden Rules of Lockpicking beforehand!)

Kit Includes:

  • 20 serrated driver pins
  • 20 spooled driver pins
  • 20 standard driver pins
  • 20 springs
  • 30 key pins*
  • 2-inch aluminum plug follower

*Please note that these come in a variety of sizes. Remember that if you are adding security pins to make a lock more difficult to pick, you can still used the existing key pins in your lock to ensure the key will still work.

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