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Pride with style and function! Introducing our newly designed lockpick earrings in a limited-run Pride colorway. (See our Be Gay, Do Crime version!)

Lockpick Extreme has partnered with the amazing jewelry artist Beads by Batsheva to create a new series of lockpick earrings. (Check her out at BeadsByBatsheva.com!) Her new center charm is handcrafted from quality polymer clay and sealed in a glossy, incredibly strong UV resin. These earrings have 925 sterling silver plated parts that are hypoallergenic and nickel-free and include clear silicone earring backers.

This set features a complete pick set made with professional-quality tools, ensuring your tools are never out of reach. Each earring features 2 picks and a flat pry-bar turning tool. Whichever tool you select, the other side will give you a turning tool to put to use with it.

Tools included:

  • (2) Pry-Bar Turning Tools
  • Euro Slim Line Short Hook
  • Euro Wave Jiggler
  • Euro Straight Shank Half Diamond
  • Euro Slim Line Offset Diamond

Please note that because each pair is handcrafted, earrings will have slight variations that give their own personality and charm.