Lockpick Extreme Event Kits

No plastic locks here!

While they can make great visual aids when learning how the mechanism works, see-through locks don’t pick like real ones. Real locks are made of metal! Quality is important. We understand that and we run our events with professional and quality tools.

Our locks are custom manufactured with a locksmith supplier in order to bring you authentic pin-tumbler locks. All of our picks are also professional-quality 301 High Yield Steel.

When booking a remote event with us, you’ll have the choice between the three options below. But don’t worry– no matter your choice, you’ll be getting the same quality workshop on the day of your event.

Event Options:

The 3-Piece Option is a great introductory kit that has the basics needed to get picking with professional-grade metals.

The 12-Piece Option includes the same Progressive Practice Lock Set the 3-Piece Option has, but also includes a wider range of tools. These are made from 301 High Yield Steel and also feature 6 unique turning tools color-coded with a long-lasting and vibrant power coating.

Our 12-Piece Deluxe Option gives your guest not only the best gear but is also a premium gift they can enjoy many years into their lockpicking careers. This option also comes with a black-on-black vegan leather pick case and 2 different styles of security pins that can be used alongside the anodized aluminum plug follower to refresh locks and create new lockpicking challenges.