How To Repin A Lock

Have you already mastered your 2-5 pin locks in your practice set? Our progressive practice set is something that we, as lockpick teachers, use a lot. It’s a great place to start and a friendly way to increase your skills up until the 5-pin or “common standard house lock.” Many people believe going into locksport, that getting up to the “common standard house lock” mark will take a lot more time and effort than it actually does. (Some of you guys, especially kids, have even surprised us as teachers how fast lockpicking can be learned!)

A question that we get a lot after opening the 5-pin lock several times is, “What’s next?” My answer is always, “Go pick more locks!” I have felt that once someone has gotten through the progressive set, they have enough skill and experience to start exploring locks in their everyday world. And while it is true that there are so many locks around us, most of which we don’t even notice, locksport does have community rules for good reasons.

This is where the ability to repin your own locks as a lockpicking enthusiast really comes in handy. If you have a set of progressive locks and some spare parts, you really have the ability to create an endless number of challenges for yourself. Being able to “mix and match” any kind of security pin and any order with any number of pin stacks will keep your hands busy. Plus, opening up a lock gives you a much more in-depth and intimate understanding of how locks work. Bottom line: Learning how to repin a lock means upping your picking skills.

All of that being said, check out our video showing you how to repin a lock!


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