Kinder Pickings

Down below is a video I made with my son, Caleb. Caleb’s 4 years old now– one month away from being 5. He’s seen both his Mom and Dad work on locks before and has always shown an interest in what we’re doing. In this video, it’s only the second time Caleb has tried lockpicking, and this is the first time he was able to pick open locks totally on his own, controlling both the pick and turner! I’m super proud of him and can’t wait to teach him more. It also makes me so happy that he seem genuinely excited in the hobby. What more could a parent ask for?!

Before we started picking, we spent a lot of time talking about The Golden Rules of Lockpicking. (Granted, we use the “Kindergarten Edition.”) As with any new picker that I teach, it’s important to me to really stress the importance of having rules and ethics for lockpicking.

Is there a chance that one day he might use this knowledge for evil? Possibly. But there’s a lot of “bad” things he could do that don’t involve lockpicking. I think it’s important to focus on the ethics behind the choices we make in life, rather than try and keep certain pieces of knowledge away from him.

As you can tell by the giggling, Caleb and I had a lot of fun making this video. We hope you enjoy it and to make more “Kinder Pickings” videos together in the future!

-Christine & the LockEx Team


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