DIY Snap Pick Kit

Snap picks are a type of pick gun, which work by knocking all of the driver pins in the keyway up past the shear line. If done while applying turning pressure, you can rotate the plug while the pins are momentarily set and viola, the lock opens. You can check out our a quick guide on how to use them.

A snap pick can be a nice addition to your collection of lockpicking tools and the fact that you can make one yourself can make it even more special and fun to use.  

They come in different shapes and sizes, but our step-by-step tutorial on how to make your own snap pick using some simple tools, a bike spoke, and a spinner (you can use the plastic body of a cheap ball-point pen for this) is at the bottom of the page.

We put together our own DIY kit with the materials to make 2 snap picks (or one if you have some sort of catastrophic failure). We special ordered extra long spokes (310mm) and give you some slick copper spinners rather than the ballpoint pen method.

The only tool that you might have trouble finding or borrowing from a friend should be the bail-making pliers. We recommend the Wubbers Pliers that we used in the video, but these will do just fine. (Disclosure: Amazon links on are referral links.)

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